The Doug Anthony Situation

Left to right: Danny Diaz, Doug Anthony, Bobby Macias and Steve Campos
(members may vary)

Song Samples

Selection                      Title                                           Listen
1                                Do It For Love                                      listen
2                               Make It With You                                  listen
3                               Shining Star                                          listen
4                               Too Late To Turn Back Now                listen
5                               Since I Don't Have You                        listen

Doug was introduced as a "special performer" by his older brother's group, "The American Dream" (Producer Freddie Piro's group before Ambrosia in the early 80's). By the age of 13, Doug was a singer, a self-taught keyboardist and a drummer. After receiving his degree in the Arts, Doug continued with his music career and worked with such notables as Hense Powell, the famed H.B. Barnum/Johnny Bristol protege; Louis Stone, a collaborator for the group "Animotion;" Louis Johnson, bassist and vocalist for his family group, "Brothers Johnson;" Joey Guerra, keyboardist and vocalist for the group, "Tierra" and many others. Doug has since written songs and recorded his debut album. Consisting of an array of original Pop-Easy Listening songs, Doug's debut CD In the Meantime has been referred to by some as "refreshing" and others as "safe at the dinner table," and still others as, "deep". Selections such as "You Can Have My Heart", reminiscent of the more popular ballads of the 1950's, or "It's Not Worth It" which wreaks of Frankie Valli or Billy Joel, has raised a few eyebrows on contemporary radio. Doug's debut CD is quickly becoming an item of discussion. 

After a recent period of performing solo, Doug has formed a band with some of the "hottest" musicians on the west coast music scene to provide the audience with a show that consists of songs from his debut album entitled In The Meantime in addition to cover pop and standards ranging from the 50's through the 80's.


Danny Diaz(Guitar/Bass) - Danny started out in the early 60's with a group known as "The Carpet Baggers" featuring well-known actor Edward James Olmos on lead vocal. The group was highly influenced by the "British Band" invasion of the era. Danny's next venture was with a trio called "General Store", which was covered songs by Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Grateful Dead, etc. Danny has shared the stage with "Shaky Jake", the famous "harp" player from Chicago, and in the late 70's, went on the road with the Morton Downey Jr. Show. After the seventies, (and a few gigs with his old buddies, "Thee Midniters"), Danny joined Doug Anthony in the studio doing guitar parts on demos until becoming a member of the "Chico Band", which was featured in the movie "Luminares", an Edward James Olmos associated project.

Bobby Macias(Drummer) - Bobby Macias is an accomplished, versatile musician whose various styles of playing include, but are not limited to, Pop, Jazz, R&B and Latin. Bobby has been playing drums for many years and has had the privilege of playing with numerous well-known musicians and has toured the United States; playing with jazz trios, bands, or orchestras, and proving time and time again, that his talent shines in whatever type of music he plays. Bobby has performed with musicians such as: The Expressions, The Imperials, The Rudy Macias Latin Orchestra, The Eddie Cano Latin Jazz Quartet, Chico, Kaos, Live Wire, Country Singer Victoria Harnett, and Gospel groups such as Bob Carlisle.

Steve Campos (Keyboardist) - Steve Campos has over 40 years of experience as a singer and keyboardist. Steve has played with many known musicians including Ray Barreto, Mango Santa Maria and Shades of Jade. He has played in clubs, live venues such as the Pechanga Resort & Casino, the Hollywood Palladium, local jazz festivals, street festivals and cruise ships. Steve's original material has been played on College stations and he has done studio work which includes keyboards and vocals on two artist's CD's.